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About The Spirit Journal

Established in February of 1991, The Spirit Journal: The Independent Guide to Distilled Spirits, Beer, and Fortified Wines is the worldís most quoted publication on spirits, beer, and fortified wines. The quarterly newsletter's no-advertising policy and strict evaluation methods ensure unbiased opinions, professional appraisals that are guided solely by product quality, tasting format, and expertise rather than price or reputation. Read on four continents by consumers and industry people alike, The Spirit Journal is acknowledged as the world's leading authority on spirits, beer, and fortified wines.

What they are saying:

"When it comes to reporting on taste tests of fine distilled spirits, beers and fortified wines, it doesn't get much better than F. Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal. Scotch, grappa, cognac, and other liquid assets are reviewed and rated by brand in a witty format that goes down as smoothly as a 15-year old bourbon"
   - Playboy Magazine

"Pacult's voice is lively and his palate well trained...The handsome newsletter, published four times a year, accepts no advertising"
   - The Washingtonian

"...attractive, lively, and honest. This is a much-needed journal"
   - Wine & Spirits

"In 1991 F. Paul Pacult founded the Spirit Journal. The idea was simple -- to provide in each issue an unbiased, thoughtful but non-snobby review of beers, wines, and spirits. There'd be no glossy cover, flashy pictures, and absolutely no advertising. This was to be the Consumer's Reports for the alcohol world. …….Clearly, Pacult has succeeded. …..for $49 per year subscribers are receiving wise counsel. Pacult can instruct you on what makes a Tequila a Tequila as opposed to a mezcal, the latest from the Cognac trade, and, of course, which beer, wine and spirits are worth purchasing, and which aren't. This, of course, has the potential to save the consumer a great deal of money and grief as it helps him avoid getting ripped off or sold a bad bottle. F. Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal, in short, provides information that can bring peace of mind to the beer, wine, and spirits shopper. Not bad for $49 per year, no?"
   - Kevin R. Kosar