What We Are

Dec SJF. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal: The Independent Guide to Distilled Spirits, Beers, and Wines was established in the winter of 1991 by spirits and wine journalist F. Paul Pacult. After having worked in the California wine industry for a decade and after recognizing that wine was amply covered in newspapers, magazines and newsletters, Paul Pacult decided to give a voice to the world’s distilled spirits through the vehicle of a subscription-only newsletter. Convinced that the only way to maintain critical and editorial impartiality, Paul made it the policy of the F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal not to accept advertising and not to charge fees for product submission for published reviews. Instead, the costs of publishing would be paid for by subscriptions. That policy has not changed over the 14 years of continuous, unbroken publication.

Believing that it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between products rated closely on the 100-point scale, Paul decided instead to utilize a one-to-five star rating system, five being the highest. For more information on how Paul rates products, see the “about our ratings” page.

A quarterly newsletter, F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal is mailed to U.S. and overseas subscribers each March, June, September, and December. It is the supreme consumer buying guide giving Paul’s unbiased opinions and keen insights on all types of spirits, wines, and beers available in the marketplace. The website gives you a small sample of what’s been included in recent issues. The newsletter offers subscribers the latest, up-to-date reviews, usually numbering around 120-140 reviews per issue. F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal will assist you in exploring the myriad of beverage alcohol products that currently inhabit the marketplace. You won’t find F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal on newsstands; readers receive it only through paid subscription every quarter.

Please visit our subscription page for further information. Like so many people around the world since 1991, get into the Spirits with F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal.